Remember when I was doing Crushing On?  I loved writing those posts, and you loved reading them.  I know because I have gotten a few emails from readers asking when I was going to bring it back.  My only excuse, which I hate, is that life took over.  As well, I really wanted to change it to Coffee Talk;  but, never got around to it.  I love the idea of having Coffee Talk with each of you, I really do.  It is so hard to schedule time with friends to meet for a coffee catch up.  I blame myself because of our completely wacky schedule;  but in reality, it probably is both parties fault.  Do you agree?  Maybe fault is a strong word.  Regardless, I am often saying to Lenny and he is saying to me, are we all really that busy in life?  Do you find yourself wondering the same thing?

Coffee Talk

Let’s pretend we are sitting at a cozy little cafe enjoying a coffee bevie or tea, and catching up on life.  I would most likely have a latte, unless, I knew the spot we were at had really great black coffee.  What would you enjoy?  Let’s sit back and enjoy each other’s company.  Please share something fun happening with you in the comments below – I promise to mingle back!

I recently took a documentary style film course.  I know what you are thinking, “don’t you guys shoot videos”?  This was completely different than what we do, and pushed me beyond my comfort zone.  LOVED it!  I cannot wait to document life!

Being mindful of my time and spaces has become very important to me.  This gentle reminder is about doing the same in the shower.  Talking about showers, I have recently started splurging on pretties to make the experience more pleasant.  I enjoy this soap, this body scrub or this one, and this dreamy body cream!

I read the funniest book on the plane to and from Boston recently which I throughly enjoyed doing.  I find it hard to find time to read a good book.  It was called The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus, and my friend Kristin recommended it.  I always consult her book reviews when I need something new.  As I recently turned 50, this book was perfect as I could relate to some of it, and it was funny!  A easy read – would be great for the beach or vacation.

Anyone else NOT GET the whole unicorn phase?  WTH?  It is not a food nor is it a flavor.  I feel like we are really grasping here?  Anyone else feel that way.  I loved this little ditty on it.

I need some new clothes.  Easy to travel with items for summer. I am at a complete loss of fun things to spruce up my summer capsule.  I am over Gap, kind of digging on Madewell in a BIG way, as well as JCrew and this little French line I recently discovered.  Do you have any favorites?


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