We love fresh fish and seafood.  We are also very careful when eating it, as most options at a market can be a bit suspect.  Do we really know where it came from, how it came to us and the process it went through before ever hitting the market?  Probably not.  When we do buy fresh fish, we ask a lot of questions, and we hope that it is pure as it should be.  A few months back we were introduced to Siren Fish Company CSA, and couldn’t be happier.  Finally, a local organization who cares not only about the fish that is fished from our oceans, but also about the fisherman who brings all this greatness to our table.

Siren Fish Company

As I mentioned we are careful or should I say picky when it comes to purchasing fish.  I want to be sure the fish we enjoy is as wild caught from as clean as possible waters as it can be, and being local is even better.  Siren Fish Company works like any other CSA .  You can sign up for weekly deliveries that serve from two people up to 4 and there are options for variety packs.  I like that I get a weekly reminder and I can sign in, see what will be delivered and decide if it will fit into our weekly menu planning.  If so, I put a small cooler out on the doorstep Wednesday evening and first thing Thursday we have fresh caught fish from the sea.  If you do not want it delivered to your home there are also pick up locations available.  If it doesn’t fit in with what we are planning for the week, then I opt out until the following week.  Super simple.

The product?  Amazing!  We have been beyond thrilled with each of our shipments, and we have tried everything from sablefish to mussels, clams and fresh caught Dungeness crab.  Every delivery is packed in ice, has been cleaned and is so fresh it tastes like the sea.  The sablefish was so light and buttery, that it has become a favorite of ours now.

Siren Fish Company

This past week we tried their Dungeness Crab Cioppino kit.  Unlike the CSA, the Cioppino kits can be shipped anywhere in the USA.  The kit comes with all the seafood and fish you need to make a hearty pot of rich Cioppino, along with a recipe;  though I did use the one I typically use this week.  It has been cold and drizzling here, and when the kit arrived we could wait to devour fresh seafood, good wine, and warm crusty bread.  We had most of the remaining ingredients in the pantry so it was fairly easy to make.  Though we did have to run out for clam juice, and that fresh loaf of bread to serve alongside.  Now is the time to take full advantage of Dungeness Crab season as it is in full swing here in the Bay Area and the crab has been amazing!  Ready to make your own pot of Cioppino – here is where you can purchase your own kit.

Jump below for this amazing recipe!

Siren Fish Company


RECIPE:  Cioppino 

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