Back in November, we jumped on a Virgin Atlantic flight for our yearly trip to London, and it was lovely to be back!  Originally, I thought I should add to my previous write up on London but then halfway through I decided I should start fresh with these highlights.  Unfortunately, we only had two days so our adventures were limited, but we did try to make the most of it!  We did get a chance to see some old friends who were definitely a highlight.  A couple we had seen the year before, and our other friends it had been 7 years as they had been living in Dubai.  We definitely left feeling our hearts were full for London 2016.

My original write up in London is here with a wealth of information as well.

London 2016


London 2016


London 2016


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Our meetings brought us to The Langham Hotel this year.  While it was a beautiful property, I have to say we really missed being at the St. Pancras Hotel.  One of the great things about The Langham was the location, as it was located in London’s West End which is close walking distance from SOHO, The British Museum as well as Westminster.  Once our project was over we stayed at the same AirBnB we have for the past three years – that is recommendation enough.

Sight Seeing – besides losing ourselves by walking the streets of London, which is easy to do, we took in the below museum.  You have to go to a museum in London as they are fabulous.

Tate Britain – (2016)  As the Modern, this museum is also free except for special exhibits.  Located across the Thames from Vauxhall, the location is perfect as it is also walking distance of Big Ben!  The building it is located in is gorgeous with beautiful gardens, even in November.   The museum houses British Art from 1500 to the present day, which is typically not my preferred style;  but, it is really a nice spot to lose yourself in on a brisk afternoon.

Eating and Drinking –  Needless to say, we were pretty tired from a busy work year, so we found comfort (and it was easy) is going to a few old favorites such as Honey & Co, Neils Dairy Yard, Roti Chai, and Borough Market for paella.  Really cannot go wrong with any of those spots.

Bang Bang – We love Vietnamese Food and it is one of the ethnic foods that we have not found “our place” in Oakland.  Stumbling upon this gem in London was really great.  Great space that is very hip and vibrant.  The food was authentic and the portions were more than generous.  Super cute served on white and blue enamel wear too.  We ate like a king and queen and enjoyed great G&Ts as well.  The green papaya salad was out of this world as were the duck summer rolls.  Really, you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu.

Gail’s Bakery – when we checked into our apartment the owner told us about a new bakery down the street from the apartment, that was out of this world.  We immediately dropped our bags and walked down the street to enjoy lunch.  We sat ourselves down with a couple of cortados as well as quiche and sausage roll and enjoyed a chilly London afternoon.  Everything was so good that we grabbed a baguette to enjoy with some cheese and a bottle of wine.  Guess what?  The next day, I got up early to shoot and came home with fresh pastries and yogurt for breakfast!

Rippon Cheese – We worked up an appetite walking around Westminster one afternoon and on the way back to the apartment we were talking about how some good cheese would go really well with our leftover baguette.  One thing about Europe is that it is a guarantee there is always a cheese shop or two located in your neighborhood.  We googled our apartment location and found a gem of a cheese shop, Rippon Cheese.  A darling shop with an out of this world selection of European cheeses.  We were invited in to see the back room, asked what we liked and they were given samples until our hearts were more than content.  We wanted to experience cheeses that were local to the Great Britain area so as this is typically something we do not see at home.  The woman who helped us, packaged up three kinds of cheese (I wish I had the names), one a blue, hard and semi-hard cheese.  On the way home, we grabbed a bottle of wine and had the perfect apartment picnic filled with some of the most amazing cheese ever.  Cannot recommend this spot more!

Le Bab – We grabbed a quick but delicious lunch at this Middle Eastern spot over near Carnaby Street in the Kingly Court.  We love this kind of food and was not disappointed.  Started with cold beers and stuffed our faces with hummus, falafel, kebabs, and Turkish ice cream.  Will definitely be coming back as everything was fresh and full of flavor!

London 2016


London 2016


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Next Time – things we would like to do next time in London.

Thames River Boat Ride

The Eye

The National Gallery

Tayyabs – London’s best curry

Broadway Market

Paper & Cup – great coffee

Portobello Market

Darjeeling Express


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