What a week!  We got back from London late Sunday evening, played catch up on Monday, then the election happened, and rest of the week has been kind of numb.  Going through the motions, really, and trying to move on.  This weekend we are shooting a new video for Chez Us – which should be fun, and the recipe is GREAT!  As well, I will be doing a little Thanksgiving cooking, not to get ahead but to enjoy at home before heading out for Thanksgiving.  We also are going to see friends for dinner tonight, and Lenny is going on a bike ride on Sunday, with a friend he has not seen in forever.  Mellow is the key to this weekend.  How about you?  Plans?  Jumping ahead on Thanksgiving cooking?  I hope you have a restful weekend.  Let’s see what I have been Crushing On between moments of chaos.  Anything fun you have been Crushing On?

Crushing On

This salad – always looking for fresh, simple lunch ideas and this is perfect

These decorating ideas – we need color in our lives

These empanadas – add a salad and you have the perfect dinner

These lamps – we need bedside lamps and this could work

These baked eggs – aren’t they adorable, and I bet they taste great

These cashmere sweaters – tend to buy only cashmere (when on sale) sweaters as they are classic and last, these are great

This sandwich – need it in my LIFE

This wallet – I am due as I haven’t gotten a new wallet in 12 years

This dessert – dig mini pots of sweetness


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