Happy Weekend!  Are you as excited as I am about the weekend?  We were working in San Francisco all week, which is weird for us as we actually stay in a hotel while there.  It always feels like this between two worlds so of thing.  Not much is on our agenda for the weekend.  Mostly catching up on life, cooking a little (want to work on some new recipes), maybe take a walk if the rain lets up and sleeping in past 7! Also, we are flying to London to work next week.  We will have some free time, if you want to join us we will be Snapping (Denise is at chezuseats and Lenny is at laudalino on Snapchat).  Let’s see what I have been Crushing On all week while laying around a hotel room.

Crushing On San Francisco

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

This quiche – all my favorite fall flavors

This flatbread – perfect easy weekend dinner, pass the rose and a big green salad

These boots – why are you so expensive, I have been searching for boots like this for years and I really WANT

These appetizers – yep, you will be seeing these at our home during the holidays

This jacket – I need a new one before I go to London and cannot find anything as cute

These halloween treats – you still have tim

This shirt – I do not need more stripes;  stop me

These fried bread bites – what the heck, pass the cheese now

This pumpkin puree – making a batch or two this weekend for pies



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