YAY for Friday!  Did you have a great week?  Have anything wild and crazy planned for the weekend?  The week kind of flew by for us.  I use to say “I cannot believe it flew by” now I wish it would slooooooow down!  Just a couple more weeks and it is time to start thinking about the holidays.  I am so not ready to say good bye to 2017!  We have some friends coming over for dinner on Saturday.  We missed their wedding, recently, due to work (damn job), so we are doing something extra special.  Complete with bubbles, the drinking kind that is!  We, also,  have plans with a friend on Sunday is launching into a sabbatical – lucky duck!  I am Crushing On a lot of pumpkin, warm things and travel this week;  itching to dust off the passport.

Crushing On

Happy Weekend!  Would love to hear what you are doing this lovely fall weekend!

This cocktail mixer – thinking whiskey drinks all the way

This monkey bread – need some monkeys to make this for, any volunteers

This cornbread – served with a big bowl chili

These throws – they are so warm we have three and may get more to leave around the house

This seafood csa – just tried our third week and we are DIGGING it

These t-shirts – I keep buying cheaper ones elsewhere and always come back these LAST

This pumpkin recipe – digging on pumpkin this fall

These travel destinations – all of them, I need to be on a plane for longer than 5 hours

This hot chocolate – thinking it will be regular this year

This pumpkin pound cake – need in my life

These oatmeal cookies – super moist, flavorful and fun to eat


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