My cookbook collection is like the bible to me. I often grab one or two different ones to look for new inspiration for something I am working on, or just when I do not want to think. Yes, sometimes, I’d rather have someone else cook for me. The past couple months with work being so busy the last thing on my mind is trying to come up with my own thing, and I am referring to these books more often than not. Here is a list of Cookbooks I am loving this month, and if you love these reviews let me know and I will keep them coming as I have some other good ones that I am currently trying out.

Cookbooks I am loving


Dinner Solved  |  Katie Workman


I am totally digging how easy and approachable Katie’s recipes are.  I have tried out a couple of different ones, and each one makes me want to try another.  Her motto is to keep it simple and not to overdo it, which is exactly how these recipes are.  Simple but flavorful!  Two of our favorite ones so far are the Maple Barbecue Pork Meatballs, which are great paired with a bottle of Greystone Merlot.  The sweetness of the meatballs paired well with this forward fruit Merlot – loads of cherry and vanilla!  Would be a great pairing during a holiday party.  Another favorite was the Shortcut Chicken Udon Soup, which we have had a few times.  I made it as the recipe stated and the next few times I changed it up a bit by adding mushrooms and well as tofu.  The soup is very comforting and perfect when you feel a bit of a cold coming on.

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Smoking’ Hot in the South  |  Melissa Cookston

Smoking' Hot in the South | Melissa Cookston

I love a good BBQ cookbook, and they are hard to find.  Let alone one written by a woman!  If you are regular readers or you watch our behind the scenes on Snap Chat when we cook, you know that I LOVE it when Girl’s Grill.  A couple of things I enjoyed about this book was the Pitmaster’s Basics which covered everything from charcoal and wood to how to build your fire.  This is often an area people overlook, and then their BBQ is ruined!  I also enjoyed the chapter on rubs, seasonings, and sauce as this is an area that I often get stuck in.  Some of the rubs I am thinking would make great Christmas gifts.  While I tried a few of the rubs, I have yet to hunker into some recipes and am interested in the baking ones.  Would love to learn how to bake on a grill, and especially to make biscuits.  She has a recipe for Mini Sage Biscuits that are served with Homemade Sage Butter;  wouldn’t these be great for Thanksgiving?

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Food From Our Ancestors  |  Liz Della Croce from The Lemon Bowl

Food From Our Ancestors | Liz Della Croce from The Lemon Bowl

We met Liz about a year ago at a conference, and her energy was contagious, as was her love of food.  A few months after, she invited us to the Fresh Coast Retreat which gave us a look into her life in Grand Rapids which she also shares on her food blog The Lemon Bowl.  She is currently writing a series of eCookbooks where she shares recipes that are near and dear to her.  The first one in the series is The Ultimate Italian Sunday Dinner and pays tribute to her husband’s heritage.  Her husband, Rich is from the North End of Boston where Italian food is the ultimate way of life and this eCookbook shares exactly that.  I felt as if this eCoobook is the perfect companion for planning Sunday Suppers!  We have been enjoying Uncle Vinny’s Shrimp Scampi a few times over the past couple months.  It is a great recipe to have on hand for those evenings when you want something healthy and on the table in no time.  What I enjoyed about this dish, from other scampi recipes, is that is slightly spicy with the addition of chili flakes.   There is just enough butter added to the recipe to make the sauce slightly creamy and flavor rich;  but, won’t make you feel guilty for enjoying that second serving.  I think of it as a go-to- recipe, as I tend to have everything on hand at a moments notice.  Next up is the Traditional Eggplant Parmigiana – this is a favorite of Lenny’s and something I never make, so I cannot wait to give it a try when we are home next month!  Keep your eyes open as there are more series coming in her “Food From Our Ancestors”.

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Healthier Chocolate Treats  |  Amy Atherton from Amy’s Healthy Baking

Healthier Chocolate Treats | Amy Atherton from Amy's Healthy Baking

Last but not least as you always need to leave room for dessert, is Amy’s lovely dessert rich cookbook.  As with Liz, we had the pleasure of meeting Amy during the Fresh Coast Retreat and she is as sweet as her site Amy’s Healthy Baking.  While we were at the retreat, we got to sample some of her amazing and healthy apple pie cookies!  While we do not eat a lot of desserts, there are times that we do enjoy something sweet at the end of the evening and her book makes us feel less guilty about it.  A couple of areas that stood out for me was the descriptions of each ingredient in the Ingredients section.  Baking is like science, so I found this very helpful especially if I want to substitute items for other items.  As well, she breaks down if the recipe is good for “clean eating,” “dairy-free,” “paleo” etc…  One of our favorite recipes was the Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Pancakes.  Who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast?  The recipe uses whole wheat flour, so I felt very good about indulging with chocolate at breakfast, and the pancakes came out light and very fluffy!  The perfect breakfast treat.  I just picked up some popcorn kernels and cannot wait to try out her recipe for Chocolate Kettle Corn;  what movie should we watch while enjoying it?

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