Is anyone else happy that it is the weekend?  I am beyond thrilled as in jumping up and down thrilled!  I am getting a massage, a whole ninety minute one and I cannot wait.  It is also supposed to rain which I am excited for as I have some baking in mind and rainy days and baking go together.  Lenny is hiking Mount Whitney with a couple dudes, and fingers crossed it doesn’t snow.  What about you, what do you have planned this weekend?  I will try to be better! Without further adieu here are a few things around the internet that I am Crushing On!

Crushing On

These cocktails – wish we were having a halloween party

This road trip – really want to check out the other coast especially in the fall

This pie – we are dying to make some beautiful pies at home

These sweaters – I love cashmere

This slow cooker soup – this has comfort food written all over it

This surface – so I made one

This round-up of fall food – YUM, which do you want to make first

These almond butter balls  – would be great when traveling




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