We have been in the Atlanta area working all week, and it has been HOT HOT HOT!  Only reminded me that I not ready for summer to end.  Are you?  While I love the coziness of Fall, I never feel like we have enough summer at home.  Kind of makes me earn for living in a four season kind of town!  One good thing about being away from home, is that I have had extra time laying around a hotel room for Crushing On (which I am thinking of changing to Coffee Talk, what do you think??), and working on my Fall Capsule Wardrobe.  Can we chat about that for a moment?


While I am working on my Fit at Fifty goals I am trying to only replenish my Fall Capsule with what I need for each season;  bare bone essentials.  As well, I am tossing out or donating items I have not worn in 9 months;  I find this completely liberating.  This Fall’s Capsule Wardrobe will be workable with items I have at home;  only adding some Fall colors to mix and match!

  • This book – laughing out loud on the plane
  • This fondue – nothing says Fall like cheesy fondue
  • This vlog series – our friend Emily is putting together this series, while she only has two so far, they are really FUN
  • These pretzel pigs – it is football season after all
  • This photo workshop – wish I could make this happen;  fall in Italy how wonderful
  • These smoky cookies – thinking holidays
  • These boots – kind of digging but so much $$$
  • These treats – have been itching to make rice crispy treats
  • This skin care line – trying out as I am aging and looking for some extra muscle

Hope Y’all (picked that up in the south) have a GREAT weekend!

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