We had a great weekend!  The kind of weekend that makes you smile at the end of it, and you are just happy. I am sitting here listening to jazzy jazz French music and enjoying a lovely Spanish wine.  Score!  Lenny’s birthday was earlier in the week, and we decided to extend it into the weekend with a small dinner with a few friends.  It was nice, and he was happy to learn he got a year younger!  True;  earlier in the month we thought he was going to be a year older than he was.  How did we skip a year??  I did a lot cooking the past few days which was wonderful.  I worked on some new recipes for us to nosh on, and I baked a birthday cake which is something I haven’t done in a while.  It was a carrot cake, as that is Lenny’s favorite.  I, also made homemade ice cream, a dreamy vanilla, cuz we all need a basic honest ice cream in our lives.  And, I think my photography mojo is coming BACK – I am so happy as I thought I lost it for awhile.  I am completely crushing on this and that, and I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Happy Monday!

This lake side bar – we had drinks there earlier in the month.  Love!

These oysters – and I don’t even like the grilled typically.

This cocktail party – happening at our home before summer ends.

This corn – we have eaten it once a week for the entire summer.

This cocktail –  yep it has chorizo in it.  Don’t knock it until you try it.

These shoes – they are so cute as well as comfy, make get a couple more pairs in different colors.

This salad – and who says broccoli cannot be good, and I even have pineapple waiting to be cut.

This destination – we are planning a big birthday for MOI.  Loving this place.

This lava cake – would be an impressive dinner party dessert.

This blog – a new favorite site loaded with beautiful photography.

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