We had a kick-back weekend which was nice after being gone for a week.  Nothing super exciting happened besides the usual home stuff, cooking, napping, working a little bit, etc… you know just good ole fashioned being at home.  It was the perfect way to be after a unsettling week in the news.  Is anyone else having a tough time with what is happening in our country?  Totally bumming us both out – not sure how one can make a difference out there.  Here is to a better week by enjoying some uplifting Crushing On!


Crushing On


That place – the one in the photo above is making me want to brunch there every weekend.  Best.  Eggs.  Ever.  Jidori eggs have you heard of them?  Where can I buy?

This post – all about How to do Anything

These falafel – so good

These fonts – wish I was better at using them with posts

This wedding photographer – totally inspirational and wait until you see how old she is

This book – about survival at sea;  Lenny and I are both reading it at the same time and it is blowing our minds

This a-frame – our search continues for a cabin.  Want to wake up in this one and linger.

This oyster house – makes me want to book tickets to NY just to eat here.

This guy – makes some very good points.

This workout– I know a super fit woman, I mean super fit and this is her workout.

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