After being away every weekend, which has included glorious time in the mountains, we decided to stick around this past weekend to enjoy our home and being home.  It was nice;  we checked out a local’s spot for Happy Hour, not a fancy place, just salt of the earth people.  And it was one of the happiest hours we have ever seen too.  We watched Polar Bear documentaries, that were cute as well as sad;  our world is really being destroyed!  We lounged and watched Everest on a Saturday afternoon while drinking G&Ts – do you know our secret for a great one?  Lenny got a bike ride in with an old friend.  I tried to brunch with a few different friends but everyone was busy, so then I tried to find a new swimsuit – UGH.  Then we decided to hit the road, again, for another summer adventure!  A few things I am Crushing On …..

Crushing On

This cabin – we are looking for a spot in the mountains and checked out this one.  Cannot stop thinking about it, and want to live there at least in the summer.

This cocktail – great way to showcase summer blackberries.

These oreo cookies – when I am going to buy a cookies from a store and in a box, I reach for double cream oreos.  Now I can make them at home.

These steamed clams – we had some outrageous steamed mussels when in DC, now I am itching to make these clams too.

This maxi dress – I am loving this, and can see if going from summer to fall seamlessly.

This shawarma bowl – I have made three times in the past three weeks.  Yep, it has become a staple.

This sandwich – perfect for a working from home lunch.

This personality test – I am ENFJ-A.  How about you?

This party idea – wish we had a back yard!

This ceviche – have been wanting to make this at home for a while, now inspired by Lori’s recipe.

These sneakers – so comfortable!

** Crushing On is being moved to Saturday!

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