I had a staycation over the weekend.  Lenny was at his annual guys mountain trip in Moab, and I decided to stay put.  I tossed around the idea of going somewhere for a long weekend, such as New York, Seattle or Portland, then decided after traveling the past three months to stay home.  It was the first time I really declared a staycation, and I have to admit it felt a bit strange and was hard to let go of the guilt of being home to do nothing.  While I had  grand plans for the entire four days, I kind of let things just take it’s course while weaving some work in here and there.  I lunched with some friends I haven’t seen in years.  I picked a neighborhood that I never spent more than an hour in and decided to explore it.  It was nice;  I got up early, had breakfast and did some window shopping.  Took in a movie, at home, total chick flick and enjoyed a somewhat rainy day.  Read magazines and the book I am into now.  And drank Rose!  Not to mention, I had plenty of time for Crushing On.  Have you taken a staycation before?  Advise for the next time I decide to indulge?

Crushing On

Crushing On

I have a question as I am thinking of changing Crushing On to Coffee Talk.  Yes?  No?  Let me know your thoughts ….

Have a great week!

Peonies – cannot get enough of them.  Picked up a big bunch this week and now I want to fill the house with them.  Why do they have to have such a short season.  Anyone love them too?

These Icy Treats – planning on breaking out the ice cream maker come June and I want to make all of these.

This apartment – totally digging really white walls lately!

This photo series – one of my least which became a favorite assignment when I was studying photography was “shooting as if you were a bird”, this series reminds me to look down as well as up more often then just forward.

This lantern – thinking of filling with battery operated lights for inside the house.  Maybe one for our tiny patio too.

These ribs – sucker for good ribs all summer long.

This cocktail – screams summer!

These chickens – every time I see them on Instagram, I want to add them to our life someday.

These breakfast sandwich – this would be great for summer time camping.


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