Happy Sunday!  Did you have a great week as well as the weekend?  Our week was busy after traveling, so we decided to hang out at home and basically do nothing.  Though we did shoot some new videos which we hope to post soon.  They are delicious too!  We have another busy week before heading to Vegas for a project, so we are taking advantage of the lovely weather and home time!  Crushing On these things big time …. hope you enjoy!

Crushing On

Crushing On

This scent of dish soap makes me want to wash dishes all day.

This chocolate torte – never enough chocolate.

Love candles, and I am always looking for new ones.  Have to say I am loving these, and buying them up like crazy.

Banana Sushi – cannot wait to make these for a dinner party or even snacking at home.

This Negroni video – this cocktail happens to be one of the best summer time drinks.

Been eyeing these shoes for summer for 4 years – doing it this year.  Now what color?

This pie screams summer entertaining – adding to our dessert rotation.

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