Happy Sunday – hoping y’all had a great weekend.  The weather was amazing here, barefoot running through a sprinkler amazing, though we do not have that pleasure at our little condo.  It was still lovely and we did get a chance to fire up the grill and enjoy some grass fed beef steaks.  We, also, had our friend Jeff over for an impromptu dinner, then he introduced us to a new(ish) ice cream place in the neighborhood.  We are getting ready to head to Grand Rapids for the Fresh Coast Retreat where we will be teaching everyone how to make engaging food videos!  We cannot wait to hang out with old friends, meet some new ones and check out a new city!  A few things we have been Crushing On the past week, and hoping you do the same.

Crushing On

Happy New Week!

Made these candles and LOVE them – you will be seeing more of them around our house.

This City – and now we want to go on vacation.

Lenny is planning a dude trip to this AMAZING spot – all mountain biking and beer.  No girls!

This snacky food – good for lunch or a light dinner.

Hash is one of our favorite things to eat and make – our friend Kristen does it right with this recipe.

Big Meatball fans here – Amy knocked it out of the park with this recipe, and we cannot wait to make!

Working on my Summer Capsule Wardrobe– want to introduce some of their stuff into it.

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