Long over due Crushing On!  Not sure where to begin, except sorry that we took a break from this.  After having coffee with a far-away friend last week, I was reminded about how much I love Crushing on, and how much other readers love it too!  I blame the break on a crazy end of year schedule, and if we are being honest, a bit of the lazies.  No more apologies, here are a few of my favorite Crushing On (s) from the last week!

Springtime Quiche

Happy Sunday!


I am totally digging on Capsule Wardrobes and here is my first of the year for Spring.  Do you capsule?

Beeswax Candles – totally dig them but never buy as they are so expensive.  Now I am going to make them!

Spring Cleaning – Tracy makes me want to put on the rubber gloves and start scrubbing.

Lenny digs Carrot Cake so I am remembering this one for his birthday.

Loving this peanut butter cookie recipe – now I need a reason to make or someone to make them for.  Volunteers?

Fattoush Salad has been a favorite dish to order when out the past couple weeks.  Now I can make it at home!

This Brown Butter Lemon Yogurt Cake screams Spring.


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