Do you feel Labor Day weekend is saying good-bye to summer?  We don’t have kids, so we do not know the hustle bustle of getting ready for school.  Our busy season does kick off again, once Labor Day has past, so it is kind of like starting school.  I guess you could say it is like saying good-bye;  but I hold on at least until November.  Why is that?  Well, this is when our weather is really the best.  We went up North during the week, and while it tends to be foggy and cooler that way most of the year, it was blue bird skies and in the 80s.  Definitely makes Crushing On for Fall hard …….

Crushing On

Have a great week!

This corn soufflé – while corn is still here

These tarts – all year goodness

These bangles

These dessert – screams summer

These buns 

This pizza – cannot get enough

This instagram account

This dress

This dessert

These destinations – all of them, all  year

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