Summer has finally arrived in Oakland.  The past week has been hot, and a welcome change from the foggy summer we have had.  I heard folks complaining and I wanted to shout at them to just be happy!  We have had a mellow weekend.  What about you?  There has been some bike riding, lots of work catch up as well as phone calls.  Sometimes I feel like it is so hard to connect with folks as we are all so busy with life.  Or are we really?  Here are some fun things I have been Crushing On this week.



Happy last (full) week of August!

That camp spot – not so secret anymore

This diet – curious more than crushing

These nachos – for a snack or dinner

These shoes – big time crush

This peach cake – make before peaches are gone

This hair – I finally went shortish now want shorter

This salad – screams summer

This soup– summer or fall

These workshops

These hotdogs – damn

This cake – okay the buttercream

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