Everyone have a good week?  Ours was busy with work projects;  we can tell busy season is lurking around the corner.  While summer break has been lovely I have to say I am excited for the hustle bustle of going insane.  We found out last night that we have to go to Guadalajara for work this week.  Have never been.  You?  Any recommendations would be great.  I will be Instagraming as often as I can so follow along.  That being said I am hoping to bring more taco inspiration this way.  Even though I feel like it has been non stop this week I did have time for some Crushing On.  What are you Crushing On this week?

Crushing On | Chez Us

Happy Sunday!

These melt aways

These short hair cuts

This read

These kabobs

This silence

This cheesy sandwich

This funnel cake

These cocktails

This jam

This salad

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