Been a bit MIA with my Crushing On;  life got in the way.  We jaunted off to Mexico for a few days, and when we got back we were in the thick of June gloom at home.  That called for some time in the mountains, and now we are back.  And I am trying to get in the swing of things again.  Speaking of getting in the swing of things, I am officially moving Crushing On to Sunday.  June gloom moved into July gloom around here, and I am definitely in the mood for warm weather, which you can tell from my Crushing On list this week.  Enjoy!

Crushing On

Have a Groovy Week!

These icy treats

This cake

This summer salad

These summery plant pots

This cocktail

These potatoes

This body scrub

These peas

This Instagram feed

This bloody mary bar

This book

This dress




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