Happy Monday!  Did you have a great weekend?  Ours was spent apart;  Lenny went mountain biking with a friend up in Downieville, and I stayed home to play catch up and to see some girlfriends who I haven’t seen in forever (oysters were enjoyed).  Over all, it was a good, relaxing weekend.  Exactly what I needed.  We are thrilled that it is Monday, and that we are home for a while.  The past couple of weeks have been non-stop, and it feels good to stop for a bit.  Smell the roses to say.  The one thing I enjoy when staying in a hotel, is the downtime I have at night which includes enjoying a glass of wine, laying around, losing myself on Pinterest and Crushing On all these great things!

Crushing On |  Chez Us


Have a Good Week!

These sunsets – Arizona has great ones

These roses – summer is here

This destination – Lenny is going on a guy’s mt.  biking trip there;  jealous

These recipes – Boring food not so boring

This banana pudding – heavenly

This video – who knew Kris Jenner had a Kookbook

This fried chicken – have to have

These meatless meals – affordable too

This hotel 

These cheesecakes – genius idea with play on ingredients

These oysters – smooth, and briny

These lifestyle site – thanks Heidi

These buns – have to make

This destination – don’t forget the sun cream



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