Good Morning, and hoping everyone had a great weekend.  If you are mother, we hope it was as special as you are!  Without mothers none of us would be here.  We had a relaxing weekend, mostly laundry, catch up, a couple bottles of good wine and packing for another business trip.  Not to mention some great Crushing On.  We also watched a movie, a terrible movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.  Did you see it?  Come on, we admited it, you can too.  We are still not sure what all the hype was about.  Big Yawn.  We are in Vegas for the few days right now – all work this time!  Hoping you all have a groovy week!  Tell us are you Crushing on anything special you’d like share;  please do!


Crushing On



This cake – lovely all year round

These 10 things – will improve every day life

This cookbook – all about yogurt, sweet and savory

This slow cooker pulled pork – love me some pork

This Italian village – must go

This salad – we are totally digging salads

These icy treats – want them all

These cute babies – non human kind

These breakfast treats

This summer hat – protects your delicate face


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