How was your weekend?  Relaxing?  Crazy?  Ours was a little of both.  We are working on a video project with a new client, and spent most of the weekend shooting yummy videos.  Which involved lots of cheese!  Between shooting I did have some time for some major Crushing On, and my mind was going all over the place from food to flying away on planes.  And these flowers, I cannot get enough of the spring ranunculus, and feel like they are slipping away.  Does this mean peonies are in my near future?

Crushing On

Have a great week!

These popsicles – chocolate, berries, OH MY

This destination – when I turn 50

These shrimp

These bowl of comfort

These treats – fun for kids, fun for adults

This space

This pie – screams summer

This weekend getaway – brilliant

This funny – I feel this way, how about you

This summer look

This destination – have to go sooner than later

This friend – meow

These shoes – want

This dessert


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