Hoping everyone had a great weekend.  Ours was busy but mellow.  As I mentioned before, Lenny is training for a bike trip to Moab, which meant he was out spinning his wheels.  I played major catch-up with shooting and some recipe development I am working on for some brands.  I promise to have some new recipes for Chez Us soon.  We listened to our friend Cheryl talk about her new book Yogurt Culture, and the culture of well …. yogurt.  Besides her interesting stories of travels and learning about yogurt, the recipes we sampled were amazing!  I cannot wait to dive into the book.


Crushing On


Have a Groovy Week!

~ Denise

This store – wish I had found when in Boston (or maybe not)

These flowers – may send myself some

This cocktail – rhubarb is in season

These earrings – now that my hair is shorter

These cocktail cherries – good in and out of cocktails

This eggplant curry – made the other night, so good

These packing tips – have used for years and still do

These waffles – cozy, right?

This las vegas hotel – stayed in a cabana last week, it rocked

These stuffed shells – comfort food

This dress – summer fun

These tartines – lunch time

This destination – dying to go with my film camera





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