Did everyone have a GREAT weekend?  We planned a last minute trip into the mountains for our first camping trip of 2105.  Was really great to get away, and kind of unplug (they had internet, and we were on IG).  Now we home, and preparing for a busy week of work.  Have to apologize as I have been a bit MIA on my Crushing On posts.  Business travel as well as some projects at home have left me wanting to flop at the end of the day.  Doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking of you all, or that I am not Crushing On.  Just means I have been in a whirlwind.  As I mentioned in Le Weekly, I am moving Crushing On to Mondays as I usually have more time lounge, wishing and wanting over at Pinterest on the weekends.


Crushing On Chez Us


Hope you enjoy my latest crushes!  Have a stellar week everyone!

These blueberry doughnuts – get into my belly

This article – about your 40s ladies

This chocolate cake – wish it was my birthday

This grilled cheese – yummmm

This eCookbook – our first in a series (you get 15% off with the code Thyme15)

This rice porridge

This outfit – wish I could wear stripes

These collard wraps – vegetarian at it’s best

These haircuts – I went short, now want to go shorter

These edible boats – thinking Lenny would even like these

This fried rice – we eat for dinner and breakfast (with an egg)

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