Happy Friday!  Happy Spring!  Happy that it is the weekend as we are heading to New York for work.  Even though, we will be working, we are looking forward to a little down time in the city.  We will be staying in the lower East Side which is a new to us neighborhood.  The only time we have been in that area is a few years back when we ate at Prune (which we LOVED).  I have been putting together our list of noshes and everywhere is either a noodle joint, doughnut shop or a coffee house.  Not sure where to start first!  Do you have any favorite places to go in New York?  What is on your agenda for the weekend?  Is it warming up where you are at?  I am definitely ready for some change up at the markets as I begin craving berries, asparagus and spring peas.  Even though it has been an insane week of work, I did have time for some Crushing On.  Hoping you enjoy!

Crushing On

Happy weekend!!

This spring pea appetizer

These little bowls

This fried chicken

This ramen noodle recipe

These summer shoes

This creamy Tuscan soup

These eggs

These cauliflower fritters

These eggplant rollups

This destination

This cake

These baby carrots



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