Not to toot my own horn, but Happy Birthday to me!  48 years ago, I came into this world, and to this day I embrace it with abundance, and am always grateful for life, health and happiness around me.  Not sure what we are doing this weekend but I am happy and content to be where I am (okay, Paris would be a little nicer).  It seems when you get older, the celebrations become more intimate.  Which is fine, but I do have to admit or be honest here, cake, candles and balloons would be kind of fun.  Oh, and champagne!  I have been Crushing On a lot on “me” things this past week as I contemplate a new hair cut, itching for some new clothes and dreaming of a far-away land to sweep us away.  What are you Crushing On this week?

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Crushing On


Those ranunculus *swoon*

These sparklers

These haircuts

These candle holders

These cakes *still need to decide*

This top

This destination *when I turn 50*

This haircut

These champagne cocktails

This song

These candle holders

These earrings

This destination

This hair color

These nails


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