Hello Friends!  Here we are again, half way through February and onto the weekend, and a lovely weekend to that!  Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Are you a gooey, lovey dove kind of gal or guy?  While we kind of make fun of it all, as we try to practice loving ways all year long, we do get a tad gooey.  We always stay in, cook something nice and spend a little extra on a nice bottle of wine or bubbles.  While getting all sappy, looking into each other eyes, listening to Barry White – NOT!  It can be fun, so I am not knocking it this year!  Speaking of celebrations, I am Crushing On cakes in a big way.  My birthday is coming up, and I am thinking of making myself a big, fat, gooey birthday cake this year.  Usually, we go out somewhere to eat and I order a sliver of cake, or we are traveling, but this year we are homebound, and I am thinking of cocktails and a fluffy cake with LOTS of candles!  Do you have a favorite birthday cake?  Please share it if you do!

Have a great weekend, and a lovely Valentine’s Day!


Crushing On


This yellow cake

This pink cake

This funfetti cake

This sprinkle cake

This rum cake

This s’mores cake

This ice cream cake

This sour cream cake

This vanilla bean cake

This animal cake (okay, act my age)

This chocolate cake

This owl cake

This coconut cake

This candy cane cake

{these are current fave links from around the world wide web.  Leave a comment below sharing something that you are crushing on this week.} 


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