Friday!  I am happy it is Friday, but am wondering;  where has the month gone!  It has been a busy week, still trying to finish up year end, and it seems every time I sit down to do so, I get interrupted.  OY!  We are gearing up for our first project of the year, which kicks off on Sunday, and I am really looking forward to it.  The new Chez Us is steps away from the launch, we are just starting all the back end or the guts of it now – we cannot wait to share it!  Good news, I did get thru all those piles I wrote about last week, and it felt great, almost liberating actually.  While did I even let myself become the “pile lady”.  I really need to get back on the Taco Tuesday gig, even though I have been thinking of something else for “weekly shares”.  What to do?!  I have been Crushing On totally random stuff this week.  Usually, it tends to be a theme but I have been all over the place this week.  Maybe my mind is all over the place too.  Do you ever feel that way?


Crushing On



Have a GREAT weekend!

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These morning muffins

This sweet face

These energy bites

This destination

This crockpot recipe

This puppy

This broccoli soup

This dream catcher

This cake

This coffee drink

{these are current fave links from around the world wide web.  Leave a comment below sharing something that you are crushing on this week.} 

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