How was your first week of 2015?  Okay here, just okay.  Things that I wanted to accomplish, just never happened, and I am still trying to figure out why.  For instance, I cannot wrap my head around starting taxes (UGH), I still have a pile of New Year’s cards to address as well as thank you cards, not to mention the four new recipes that I am working on for Chez Us.  Our detox took a tank this week, big time.  Guess we will start over next week, I mean one cannot detox over the weekend right?  I realized that I am a pile maker.  There are little piles of things all over my house, and it is kind of driving me crazy.  I have a pile of Christmas lights on a stool in the kitchen, a pile of dry cleaning by the front door, a pile of clothes to go through in the bedroom, another pile of Birchbox samples in the bathroom, pile of new cookbooks to conquer, and a pile of baby gifts I need to finish making.  Now, I am not hoarder type piling, just little piles that I am not going through.  I did accomplish a big goal, and may be that is way I am kind of lazy in all other areas.  I actually hit the gym three times this week;  two spin classes, a total body conditioning and an ab session.  I am sore.  My goal this weekend is to get rid of all piles, and shoot at least one new recipe, if not two.  How are your New Year’s goals coming along?  Plans this weekend?  Oh, did I tell you, in the midst of the lazies I had lots of time for Crushing On these things!

Happy Second Weekend of January!


Crushing On



Those doughnuts

This breakfast casserole

This National Geographic show

This detox cocktail

This destination

This pork tenderloin

These shoes

This camel woman story

These savory cakelets

This music my nephew introduced me to

This side dish

{these are current fave links from around the world wide web.  Leave a comment below sharing something that you are crushing on this week.}


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