How did that happen?  Thanksgiving is a mere week away.  I kind of realized it but kind of didn’t until I got a text from a friend asking if he should pick up ingredients at the Farmer’s market for me.  YIKES!  Ingredients?  There is a menu?  What is this thing called Thanksgiving Dinner?


Thanksgiving Dinner


All kidding aside, and a busy schedule, we are looking forward to  feast.  We are heading to Palm Springs to spend Thanksgiving with some good friends.  It will be a week of remembrance, warmth and great food;  I am sure of it.  We haven’t done a Thanksgiving in the desert for a few years now, and I have to admit I am looking forward to time with friends, laying by the pool, heat and some outrageous grapefruit cocktails!  Did I mention, they have a killer grapefruit tree in their yard.

Since I am in mere panic mode as to what I need to add to the menu, I felt it was only befitting to come here, and plan it out together.  Just a few of my favorite Chez Us recipes as well as others from around the world wide web that I would definitely like to share if we were having dinner at our home, and who knows some may even end up around the table in the desert.

Cocktails – when I plan a dinner party I like to serve a “special cocktail” to begin the evening while everyone chit chats and catches up.  It could be as simple as champagne or as complex as whiskey.

Appetizers – when a big meal is served, I keep the appetizers or starters …. simple.  I definitely do not want loved ones to fill up on nibbles before the star arrives at the table.  There really is no need to overstuff as the turkey is.

The Turkey – the star of the show, should be a show stopper as in moist, flavorful and memorable.

Mashed Potatoes – this is probably my favorite part of the meal.  I literally could just eat a plateful of mashed potatoes with gravy and be completely happy.

The Stuffing – next to the potatoes and gravy, the stuffing is my next favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast.

Sides – think outside of the box when coming up with sides.  Add some traditional sides as well as some innovative ones that people will remember.

Gravy – cannot live without it, seriously.

Cranberry Sauce – you can always slip out some sauce from a can or take a few extra minutes to cook up something delicious.

Bread – bread is a must for sopping up all that rich gravy.  Parker House rolls are a must but other bread options are also great to add.  Be adventurous.

Dessert – a sweet or two (or three) for dessert is a requirement.  I think Pumpkin should be enjoyed heavily on this holiday, with a sprinkle of pecan or apples.



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