We are thrilled that our three events in four weeks has come to an end.  Boy, has it been a long week, even though we love what we do, it has been long.  It was great to finally sleep in our own bed, and to eat what food we had in our near bare cupboards.  Isn’t it amazing what you can come up with with a few spices, dried pasta, canned fish and an imagination?  Though we did head out for some of that Japanese fried chicken last night.  With Thanksgiving around the corner, we have been talking turkey often around near, as well as pumpkin pie (all things pumpkin if we are being honest) and pecan.  Do you have your menu planned yet?  Small group or blow out feast?  We are looking for new ideas if you have any must make recipes, please share below!  Some things we are crushing on this week, we hope to add to the Thanksgiving table.

Hope you have a delicious weekend.






This salad – would be great alongside a turkey

This pie – dressed up and fancy

This bevvie – alcohol free too

These potatoes – dreamy and creamy

This turkey – all time fave

These cookies – mix it up

This side dish – spicy fun

This cocktail – have to have some fun

This stuffing – like grandma made

This table setting – pretty

This green bean casserole – have to have it

This sassy side – surprise the guests

These mini tarts – gluten free and delicious

{these are current fave links from around the world wide web.  Leave a comment below sharing something that you are crushing on this week.} 



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