Happy Friday!  Did everyone have a great 4th of July weekend?  We headed up to Downieville with some friends, and had an epic weekend of laughter, food, drinking and a little outdoor activity.  Perfect really.  There was an old fashioned parade, drinks at an old saloon, and lots of needed vitamin D.  I feel like the past week flew by, and that time does not want to stand still at all.  We feel in love with small camp spot during our venture up to the mountains last week, and have decide to head there for the night.  Cannot wait to wake up to the small of the outdoors and a good cup of coffee.  In between work this week, I did get a chance for some Crushing On and here are a few things that I think you will love as well!

Happy Weekend!  And have some summer fun!


Crushing On  |  Chez Us  |  Snag Lake



This camp spot

This apricot dessert

These napkins

These burgers

These drink stirrers

These pancakes

This destination 

This crumble

These popsicles

This blog

These financiers

This tv show

This cabin

These fries

This tshirt

This travel site

These wraps

This nail color

This punch

These kid snacks

This food photographer

This gelato

These spaces

This paris

This story (get tissue)

{these are current fave links from around the world wide web.  Leave a comment below sharing something that you are crushing on this week.} 

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