How has your week been?  Kind of busy here;  mostly work stuff, no cooking, and still taking it easy trying to cure ourselves.  I had hoped to hit the high country this weekend for a little camping;  but, they say it may rain.  Bummer.  No real weekend plans, guess we will fly by the seats of our pants.  Maybe check out Gay Pride.  I am hoping to read more of the book I started recently, which I am digging, but haven’t had time to really dive into.  Are you reading anything fun this summer?  It was hard to nail down only a handful of lusts this week, but here it is, what I am currently Crushing On.

Have a Super Weekend!

Crushing On  |  Chez Us


This teepee 

This cheesecake

This sandwich

This camper

These cupcakes

This stir fry

These margaritas

This cake

This pie

This view

This photographer

This beach

These eggs

This salad

This hash

This mac and cheese

These gins

These power balls

These fajitas


{these are current fave links from around the world wide web.  Leave a comment below sharing something that you are crushing on this week.} 


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