Looking for an exciting recipe to use some of that Thanksgiving leftover turkey stock?  Because turkey stock should not only be saved for post-holiday cooking.  It should be seized and enjoyed all year long.  This comforting bowl of Asian Turkey Noodle Soup is going to make you smile and sing.  It is bright and fresh, and so good for you.

Turkey Soba Noodles | Chez Us

Making stock just involves some extra time and love;  I like to think of it as a project for when I know I will be home all day.  I keep a few 2 cup containers in the freezer at all times for impromptu soup sessions such as this Asian inspired Turkey Noodle soup, as well as for using in stews, risottos and for cooking hearty grains with.  Next time you have a day at home, throw together a big pot of soup, which you can do while still enjoying a lazy day at home.

Turkey Stock | Chez Us


Asian Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe





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