There will be any talk of food today;  instead, I am going to share a product, I found for the man (men) in our lives.  Particularly, for the man in your life who has everything.  I am always stumped as to what to give Lenny.  We are at the point in our lives if there is something we need, we just get it, so when gift giving comes around it is challenging.  As well I am not the type of person to merely give a “gift” for the sake of giving.  I search and search for the perfect gift that fits my person’s personality.  I am big on unique as well as packaging.  I like the gift to be a little more then exceptional.

I have always found there to be a romantic element to men shaving, especially at the old time barber shops.  I love watching them lather up the soap into a rich bubbly mixture, then slowly slathering it over an unshaven face.  Each smooth swipe of the blade revealing the person you cannot wait to snuggle.  The scent of soap filling the room.  I actually find it rather intoxicating.    Wouldn’t it be lovely to recreate that feeling at home?

I have been looking for facial products for Lenny for some time now.  The problem with most of them that I have found is that they are not that masculine.  Then I was introduced to the Art of Shaving.  The masculine packaging first drew me in.  Then I started digging deeper and became interested in the scents.  I am thinking that I would enjoy him wearing either the sandalwood or lemon aftershave;  one a bit mysterious and the other bright and fresh.  Maybe both – morning and evening ones.

I am leaning towards one of their starter kits so he can try out all of their saving products.  I love that there is the pre-shave oil, in addition to the shaving cream, and after balm.  His beard tends to be a bit rough, and the pre-shave oil will help soften his beard for a closer shave.  I like that the product is made with botanical ingredients as well as essential oils.  As well there is a starter brush to help create that big bubbly lather.  Now I just need to decide on the scent!

If you are stumped for that last minute gift or even a stocking stuffer, for the man or teen boy in your life, The Art of Shaving Starter Kit is reasonably priced at $25 and has a bonus certificate worth $25 off your next purchase included in the kit.  In addition, there are many other specials such as 20% off and free shipping.  Tis the season for giving something memorable to someone special in your life.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from P&G through BlogHer.  I have not purchased nor was given the product, opinions are solely my own.  



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