Black and white photography has always been a love of mine.  Think beyond Ansel Adams.  I studied for 2 + years and during that time I really got into developing my own work.  Okay, did I just age myself?  I loved being in the lab, developing the film and then manipulating the images during processing.  Could spend hours in there ….  Then the world of digital took over, labs starting closing and it became harder and harder to really do B&W film developing.  Despite a few hurdles I still never fell out of love.  I love the mystery and romance of a black and white.  You don’t need a lot of words to really describe the mood.

I have been dabbling with digital black and white for a few months ago.  Every so often, I get in the mood and change around a few dozen photos.  I don’t do anything with them, just tuck them away in a secret file, occasionally going back and adding more. Admit it, people just don’t love your recipes, if there isn’t a big glossy color food grabbing them and pulling them into your site. Am I right?

Last month I stumbled upon a site that has started Black and White Wednesday.  I have wanted to participate but life as taken over the past two months.  Last night while I was daunting away over some quotes to get to our clients, I decided I would kick Wednesday off with a black and white.  I try to participate in Wordless Wednesday as well, and since I don’t want to clutter the site with two photo posts, I will be combining the two events moving forward – yeah, something to look forward too!   I won’t be writing anything to go with the photo, after all, didn’t I just say black and white photos really don’t need a lot of words – you can feel it by looking.


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