This is a compensated review by BlogHer.

We have been reflecting on people who have made 2010 easier for us.  One organization and one particular person within that organization has been a joy to work with, after all, it really is the people who make or break a company.  We came on board with BlogHer, the beginning of 2010.  We were not that familiar with the organization beyond them being the “power-house” for bloggers;  we love that they cover all areas of life, from politics to midlife.  When we are searching for a topic of interest, they are the first stop for honest feedback.  You have to love being able to go to one place, to find information about your interest, that is being written by “real” people.

While we love all the topics that are covered over at BlogHer, we want to acknowledge one particular person, who helped get Chez Us up and running when we came on board with them.  This person would be Skye Kilaen who is an Associate Producer within the organization.  Every time we have a problem with entering code in our site, Skye comes to the rescue.  Playing with code on your site can be challenging and frustrating;  we tend to beat our heads on the desk or should I say “kitchen table” too often when we try to do it ourselves.  We try for a few hours, before one of us says, “let’s ping Skye”.  As soon as we send an email, she is quick to respond.  We are not sure if there is a smile on her face but we feel like there.  She is friendly, not over formal and willing to help. Quick to respond and quick to find a solution.  Skye always follows up after the fact to make sure we are happy and to see if all is working for us.  She makes our job so much easier. We can trust her to get it done right and fast.  We love her!!!  Thank You Skye for making 2010 a little easier for us.

Photo Credit:  Skye Kilaen

If you are not familiar with BlogHer, you should be.  Why don’t you poke around a bit – no matter if you are looking for a new recipe or everything you want to know about babies, you will find it there.  Or maybe you would like to engage in the lastest political debt, look no further.  Click over and explore a bit, you could even win an iPad;  how fun is that!

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