I have said it a million times, okay maybe not a million but close, I LOVE RIBS!  I love them spicy, sweet, sticky, gooey, grilled, oven baked, slow roasted, slightly charred, you name, I love it!  This recipe for Sticky Ribs with Guava Marinade is amazing!

We made these ribs for dinner last night, and they were, sticky, gooey, slightly spicy and slightly sweet. Perfect actually! Our friend, David, asked us to try out a new product, Guava paste, and I whipped up a great little marinade that went really well with these big bad beefy short ribs.

Guava paste is interesting as it comes in a big block which resembles the blocks we take cycling.  As soon as you unwrap the paste, the smell is completely intoxicating.  It is made from 100% fruit, no sugars and no preservatives, puree guava.  My first thought was to bake with it.  My second thought was to slice of pieces, and pop them into my mouth.  After a little brain storming with David, I decided to use some in a marinade.  The base of this marinade is fresh lime and orange juice, slightly thickened with the paste and then spiced up with some Sriracha.  I let the ribs marinade in half of the mixture and saved the other half to serve them with.

How were they?  Amazing!  The guava really came out not only in flavor but also in the aroma, it was really intoxicating.  The sriracha was the perfect match for the sweet fruit.  Slowly grilling the ribs gave them a nice smoky base.  I am dying to make this again, this time slathering it over a juicy pork tenderloin.

* these ribs go really well with this salad

Recipe: Sticky Ribs with Guava Marinade


1/4 cup guava paste
6 limes, juiced
1 orange, juiced
1 – 2 teaspoons sriracha
1/8 cup canola oil

How To:

Add the juice from the limes and orange to a small sauce pan.  Add the guava paste and slowly heat over very low heat.  Stirring often so it does not stick.

Add the sriracha, to taste.

Remove from heat and whisk in the canola.

I used half of it to marinate the ribs overnight and the other half I gently warmed and served along side the meat.

Use with your favorite meat – get creative!  I like to baste beef short ribs with this sauce.

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