I am pleased to announce that the votes are in and our hostess for HHDD #31 will be ……. Mardi of Eat. Live. Travel. Write.  Keep our eyes open as Mardi has something delicious picked out for the next round (it is sweet).  She will be announcing it next week!


I am embarrassed;  this is 4 days over due.  I made the rules and then I let it slip.  I had a bit of a situation come up last week and it pretty much consumed all my time, that is the honest truth and all I can say is, “I am sorry!”

Being a regular reader you are definitely aware of my love for the Donna Hay cookbooks.  As well you are probably aware of the event Hay Hay it’s Donna Day (HHDD), which was originally started by Barbara and then passed onto Bron.  I took over the event last year and have finally brought it back to life.

I kicked off the re-birth of the event with the anniversary of the 50th issue of Donna Hay.  The recipe I picked was for Chili and Kaffir Lime Beef Skewers. I had hoped for a bigger turn-out but like all good things it does take time to get the word out there.   I had two exceptional entries for this month’s HHDD event and I am thrilled to tell you all about them.

What I love about these events is that people from everywhere participate which exposes us to so many new sites and talent.  The first entry I received was from Zaira with La Cocina de Zaira.  Zaira took the dish and put a complete spin on it by marinading the beef in a yogurt that was seasoned with salt, pepper, hot paprika and tomato paste.   The beef was grilled with green and red peppers and served along side a dipping sauce who base ingredient as cola.  Very creative spin on the Donna recipe.

Our next entry was from Mardi of Eat. Live. Travel. Write.  I felt bad as I kind of pressured her to get her entry in.  *smile*  She had been talking about participating and I would not let her get out of it and I am glad she came through with her dish.  Mardi followed the recipe almost exactly.  I liked her twist as she decided to stir fry it with the addition of peppers and broccoli.  She served the beef and veggies over the noodles with the spicy sauce.  Her verdict was that she thought it could be a bit more spicy.  I am hoping she will decide to make this dish with her students of Le Petite Chefs someday!

Thank you to both Zaira and Mardi – we appreciate you playing along in HHDD # 30!  Please email me ( who your favorite entry was for HHDD #30.  One lucky person will get a signed copy of Donna’s new cookbook Seasons!

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