Okay, we promised you a “great” post on how we are doing our healthy challenge and we are failing you.  Saturday just beats me to the punch every week.  As well we are going to admit, it has been a terrible week for working out.  We were swamped with work and meetings and did not get a chance to put as much effort into it as we had hoped.  Definitely need to kick it up a BIG notch next week.  Our progress – that is the good news neither of us have gained!

RSBC_2010I do want to tell you about an event that is going to start on Feb. 1, it is the annual Run Swim Bike Cook Challenge.  RSBC was started by Christy over at Balance and it is so much fun as it involves getting some weekly fitness in and cooking something yummy each week with a new Superfood.   I was excited when Christy asked Chez Us to be co-hosts this year as I am always looking forward to it come December.

Here is the skinny on the event (taken from her site):   You have 28 days to do one of the challenges, some of the challenges or all of the challenges. You decide based on your fitness level. For every challenge you complete, you will get one entry into a drawing for a yet undecided but absolutely fabulous prize.

Challenge 1: Run 26.2 miles (I suggest a mile a day)
Challenge 2: Swim 2.4 miles*
Challenge 3: Bike 112 miles**
Challenge 4: Cook 3 of the 4 superfood “iron-chef” challenges. Each Sunday I, or my co-host, will post the week’s superfood and category, and you have a week to come up with a dish that blows us away.

Week 1: Beans in breakfast (beautiful alliteration)
Week 2: Will be announced Feb. 7th at
Week 3: Will be announced Feb. 14th here
Week 4: Will be announced Feb. 21st at

Now before you freak out and run screaming, remember you have 28 days to do this. Unlike the amazing Ironman competitors, you get a whole month to do your triathlon. And this is no two hour culinary competition with glaring lights and TV cameras and hyper announcers. Nope. This is you, your superfood of the week, and your kitchen going at it for seven days.

Still not convinced? Let me sweeten the deal a bit more: you can do all your running, swimming and biking (and cooking!) inside. Or outside. Your choice.

* One water aerobics class = 0.4 miles
**One spin class = 12 miles

Rules: Have fun. Send an email to the host for the week by Saturday at midnight, including a link to your blogpost for the week. Your post should highlight where you are in the event, and/or have a mouthwatering pic of your ironchef entry for the week.

Here is a sample of one of last year’s superfoods.

This is definitely something you can incorporate with your Ten in 10 Healthy Challenge.  In fact, run right over to Balance and check out the “Superfood” for this weeks first challenge – it is fun and it is for breakfast!!  I will be announcing next week’s “Superfood” challenge on the 7th of February.

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