Ten-in-Ten470This is going to be a quick post as we have a really busy Saturday.  Despite the crazy head cold I came down with on Monday, I was able to get some work outs in.  Again, Lenny, was a champ at the working out portion.  This week I am going to attempt to run in the mornings as well as add two yoga classes to my schedule.  Lenny is going to try to make the yoga classes as well.

We did cheat a bit when it came to the eating part as we had a few social events.  Yes, we even gave in and had a glass of champagne at the Tasty Awards and a glass of wine at a dinner party.  We are jumping back into our food routine this week and have a mostly vegetarian week planned.

Speaking of food, we have started thinking about the Superbowl, which means – FOOD!   In honor of this event we have decided to start a Superbowl Healthy Eats Series.  Between now and the Superbowl we will be sharing with you some great dishes that are healthy and that will make your party just as fun as that big bag of chips!  The first recipe we made was a very easy hummus.  Not only is hummus a great nosh for your party but it is a really nice snack to keep around the house.  It is low in calories and will feed those annoying cravings!

Beginning Weight End Weight











Spin/Pilates Pilates Spin/Pilates Event Event Pilates



Spin Climb/Pilates Spin/Pilates Event Event Climb
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