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We made it through our first week of the Healthy Challenge.  Lenny did an amazing job!  I, got the stomach flu and was not able to do much.  I did manage to make a big pot of Detox Soup before getting sick, which ended up being a blessing in disguise and it got us through the week.

Lenny got a lot of gym time in this week, climbing, spinning and some yoga.  As well he really watched what he ate.  In addition to giving up alcohol for the month, he gave up coffee.   Why, we are still asking that question!  For lunches he ate cottage cheese as well as this active full grain bread, that he loves.  For dinner, it was all about Detox Soup.

As I mentioned above, I got the flu, so my diet consisted of not eating much.  I was able to eat saltines, ginger ale and small amounts of Detox Soup;  I do not recommend this as a diet.  Unfortunately, I was pretty wiped out and could not get any works out.  I did manage to get some at home pilates in, which was really nice, as well I got a yoga class in over the weekend.

This week I am going to start the cleanse I had wrote about previously as well I will be adding some work-outs into my routine.  Since Lenny was a champ, he is going to continue his program, minus the cleanse.    I have outlined our work-out and progress below.

Beginning Weight End Weight











Sick Sick Sick Sick Pilates Yoga



Spin Climb Spin Climb Yoga/Biking
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