One of the first people I began a virtual relationship within the twitter land of foodies, was Zoe Francois, of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day & Zoe Bakes.  Zoe and I instantly connected – I loved her witty comments, the warmth of her personality that came through the screen and the passion she writes with about baking, her family and what she does – that was a couple years ago.  After the foundation was built, I came to know and love Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.  I loved that I could make fresh bread easily and not once a week but every day!  When I heard of her new book that she was co-writing with Jeff Herzberg, I was equally as excited.  I immediately thought of Celia over at Omnivore Books and knew I had to virtually introduce them, Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, had to make an appearance.

Herbed Rolls


Zoe and Jeff made their appearance at Omnivore Books back in November and we had the honor of capturing the event live so that we could (they could) share it will you.  They filled the room with people who all loved the same things we love about them – insightful knowledge about baking, witty humor, warm personalities and a passion about baking that was very evident!  When I had Zoe off camera I had a chance to talk to her about the dilemma we have at our house.  The one about how a baguette never makes it past a day, yes, the same one where I have to hide them or it will be gone before dinner and if I want even a bit of bread with dinner, I have to tear off a chunk or it will be gone before I barely sit down!  I continued to tell her that I had to stop feeding this expensive habit of a certain someone as we were spending between $40 – $50 a month, just on baguettes!   When I asked her if she had figured out the cost per baguette by using their method and she told approximately .40 per baguette, I was sold!

Now I have yet to make the master recipe and start cranking out freshly baked baguettes for our meals;  but, I have tried one of their roll recipes, 100% Whole Grain Rosemary Potato Dinner Rolls with a Salt Crust.  I did have to improvise a bit as we were traveling in the middle of nowhere when I attempted to find the ingredients;  I could not find rye or soy flour so I used half white and wheat.   Other changes I made was adding the rosemary into the dough and I omitted the salt crust.  I am happy to say, the recipe came out perfectly and was incredibly easy and very delicious!

I have to say I am loving the recipes I have read so far and am very eager to start baking not just one but many of them.  Zoe and Jeff have everything some savory to sweet and from everyday bread to enriched bread and pastries.  As well all of the recipes look easy enough for the novice baker to get their hands dirty with, we highly recommend this for your kitchen bookshelves!

Now for some exciting news.  Zoe has been so kind to offer one of our readers a signed copy of their newest book!    Just leave a comment, by midnight, January 15th, 2010, telling us how baking fresh healthy bread in 5 minutes a day would change your life!  If you would like an extra chance, then twitter this post and leave a comment with your tweet.  We are even sweetening the deal, you can tweet this once a day, just be sure to come back and post your comment w/the tweet in it!

Do you want the recipe?  Then you need to go here.

Or wait and see if you win the book!


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