Lori at Recipe Girl announced the Ten in 10 event a couple weeks ago – I knew we had to participate.  We had already planned on making the resolution of getting healthy but this would be an added incentive as we would be making ourselves not only accountable to us but also to you, our readers.  Just as Lori mentions, we do not plan on changing our site.  Chez Us is about what we have for dinner every night and we we will keep it as this.  We will be adding a post every Saturday, so we can share our progress.  Since we do write about dinner, you will get the added benefit of learning new and healthier recipes throughout the process.  We are really excited about this and have some fantastic meals planned!

1.  Do you want to lose weight? Yes, we both want to lose weight.  We both would like to lose 20 pounds each before Lenny’s 40th birthday in July.  To begin with we will be attempting the Ten in 10!

2.  Do you wish to incorporate exercise into your life? We were pretty disgusted with ourselves at the end of 2009.  A couple years ago we were pretty fit – biking all the time, climbing a little as well I was doing pilates.  Then last year just took us away, we spent more time worrying about work, more time on the couch and less time doing the physical things we enjoy.  We belong to a climbing gym and plan on starting to climb again.  In addition to climbing, we plan on spinning twice a week and doing yoga at least twice a week.  In addition to this I will continue to do the  Couch to 5K program with Joy and Maris.  Our goal is to workout at least 5 days.

3.  Do you need to banish comfort food from your life and eat more healthfully? We already eat pretty well  but do plan to make some adjustments to our diets.  We will be incorporating an anti-aging plan into our diet as well.  The biggest adjustment right off will be that we are going to detox our bodies.  Every January we cut alcohol out of our diet.  This year we are going to also do a detox plan from Wholefoods, starting January 4th, as well we will be limiting white things and sugar and adding more protein and vegetables and fruits.  We have tried a few of the fad diets but really believe portion control as well as eating organically and with no processed foods makes a bigger difference. 

4.  What’s your motivation? To be stronger and healthier by the end of the year.  We want to live a healthy as well as an active live.

5.  Set up a reward for yourself at the end of your challenge: Our reward will be a climbing trip somewhere.  We keep saying we would like to get over to Thailand, we have both been before, but not together.  As well, I have been dying to get some new clothes and change my personal image, I would like to do this as well.

We will be starting this event on January 4, 2010 with a full progress report posted every Saturday there after.

*Gulp*  ….. here are our current weights:

  • Lenny     175
  • Denise    152
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