Duck Fat Brussel Sprouts 1109

Yes, we are haters.  Haters of Brussels Sprouts!  Which may seem odd since I am posting a recipe for just that.  Recently we were at the Foodbuzz awards dinner and one of the dishes was Brussels sprouts.  I have to admit I was not happy to see this on the menu, at all.  How was I going to gag these down at a dinner party?

We were both pleasantly surprised that these sprouts were amazingly ….. amazing.  Slightly crispy with that nice golden color of being roasted.  Unfortunately, I still was not convinced nor did I ever plan on attempting to put  Brussels sprouts on the table!  Then I saw a few different posts floating around about the “Brussels sprout”.  Suddenly I was having second thoughts.

While Allison was showing me around the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago, I asked her about Brussels sprouts dish.  She said she was inspired by the same Brussels sprout at Foodbuzz, and that she created a great recipe.   She convinced me (as well as the duck fat addition) to give them another try.  So, last weekend when we had a little pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my family, I decided I would spring this Brussels sprouts dish on them.  I did end up changing Allison’s dish somewhat, only because there was a whole lotta cranberries already happening on our table.  I left out the almonds and cranberries.  The result …. delicious!  Everyone loved them, even my 2 year old nephew, who kept saying “more”.    Keep in mind this recipe is for an army of eaters, so you can half it if need be.


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