Chez Us (particularly Lenny) is hungry for a burger and not an ordinary burger such as this Chipotle  Buffalo Burger with Feta Cheese, he needs something more. The search is on for the Ultimate Burger.

2487871716_e36de69423Chipotle Buffalo Burger with Feta on a Baguette

Lenny is on a quest and he NEEDS your help!

Do you have the Ultimate Burger? We challenge you to make us drool and want more! Get out there create that burger, snap a photo, write a post about it (be sure to include a link to the ULTIMATE BURGER CONTEST) and send an email with all the mentioned goodies over to the head burger master:

We are giving a prize for the Ultimate Burger, it is this great cookbook. “Build a Better Burger“.

If you don’t have a food site or blog, then you can still email us everything minus a link to a site.

We will update this post with the burgers as they come in!

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