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Gary Vay*ner*chuck over at Wine Library TV sent out a twitter last weekend looking for Organic food bloggers.  When we saw this Tweet, we jumped and it was high!  We love Gary and if we could get him to do anything with us, we would be ecstatic (okay, that was a little a&& kissing)!  Really, we do love his show for the obvious reasons.  As well his  success story and his stands behind social media are really…… brilliant!

Anyhow, we asked what Chez Us could possibly do for him?  He replied just watch this piece on Obsessed TV and write a bit about it.  Obsessed TV is a joint venture between Gary and Samantha Ettus.  Obsessed TV offers intimate one on one interviews that have never been done before.

The interview that Gary asked us to watch was Mark Bittman.  I love this man and have ahhhed over him for sometime now.  The interview is good and informative.  It was nice to see that he is a private person and just like you and me.  His philosophy is the same as ours when it comes to food as Lenny said in the podcast, he is a pure realist.  We need to be eating more local food, less processed and less animal product and more plant products.  He does not pay attention to the organic factor, I on the other hand, am definitely more of an organic food shopper and this is purely for personal reasons.  We loved his theory on people who say that they are making a difference by changing their light bulbs, driving a hybrid and recycling and that they consider that they ARE making a difference.  When in fact, there is more to it, they need to really think about what they are really doing?   Click here to find out ….

Speaking of Bittman be sure to take a bite out of these butter dumplings!

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