I really enjoy making a nice dinner on Sundays, whether it is for a group of friends or just the two of us;  it is a nice way to end a week and start a new one.  We decided that it would be nice to have French food for dinner.  We love French food, not your foo foo French food;  but, rustic pheasant French food, what you would find at your grandmother’s house in the deep of the Loire Valley sort of French food.  Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to occasionally have the foo foo sort as well;  but, nothing some comfort on a crisp fall night then comfortable rustic French food.


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Tonight I decided to make a dish I found in the French edition of Gourmet last month, it was a vegetarian dish made with mushrooms and an egg.  Now, I knew Lenny would love this as he really enjoys the fleshy poached egg whether it is on a Frisee salad, fava beans or a pizza.

The dish is very easy to make  – simply roast half of the mushrooms, sautee the rest with olive oil, parsley, and garlic and then combine the two.  Add a poached egg, season with olive oil, sea salt, and toasted/crushed cumin.  I served it with a simple tossed green salad with slices of fennel and a plump red tomato from our garden, seasoned with a dijon dressing and black salt flakes and a crusty loaf of french bread.  Simply easy and perfect for a Fall evening!

Verdict:  We both loved it;  but, thought it would be more interesting made with a mixture of wild mushrooms (recipe only calls for white) and a crumbling of roasted pancetta.


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