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I have the honor of hosting the current Grow Your Own event for Andrea.  Thank You!  Wiffy over at Noob Cook hosted the past GYO event and has some great entries, which you should definitely be checking out!  I love the GYO event as it is always so much fun to see what everyone from all the food world is growing at this particular time of the year;  given, that there are different seasons taking place! As well it gives us a wonderful opportunity to share what make with our garden’s bounties!  To read the history on GYO, please visit Andrea’s site.

The Rules for this event are simple:

  • Make a dish that uses at least one item from your very own garden or farm and post about it. Your garden doesn’t have to be big. Container gardens are welcome! If you hunted or foraged, those items are also eligible. You can also use something that was given to you, but the giver must have personally grown or raised the item. If you paid for it, then it doesn’t count.
  • Anything edible that you have grown or raised qualifies, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouts, edible flowers, nuts, grains, legumes, dairy products, eggs, livestock, and anything else I might have forgotten. Produce from both indoor and outdoor gardens are welcome! Different regions will have different things available, so feel free to feature things unique to your area.  We are all about celebrating variety!
  • Please make sure your dish is posted during the month of the event because we like to celebrate seasonal items. One post per blog, please.
  • As a courtesy, please include a link to this announcement in your blog post, as well as to Andrea’s Recipes.
  • If you want to include one of the Grow Your Own badges in your post, feel free to grab one from here (scroll towards the end). (Please upload to your own server/image repository.)

Submission details:

To include your post in the round-up, send an email to me ( by the 30th of September, 1159pm (PST) with the following information:

  • Subject line: Grow Your Own #17
  • Your name and location (country, state if applicable)
  • Your blog URL
  • Permalink to your post
  • 200×200 pixel photo of your dish (As long as the photo is no larger than 200 pixels in either direction, it will work.)

I look forward to reading about all of your creative dishes and what you grow in your garden!

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